Our line of food products that are delivered frozen or non-frozen.

All products are always delivered with the maximum expiration date possible.

Food products


  • Cheese

    Cheeses are one of our passions. We select them, we age them, we refine them and we
    refine them for export across the globe.

    We go directly to production sites throughout Italy and to the most highly renowned
    areas of Europe to select cheeses, preferably made with raw milk directly at the
    milking sites.

    Fresh, medium-aged, long-aged, blue, from around the world a wide variety of cheeses.

  • Pastries

    Light and crispy pastry so that you may enjoy the flavours and textures,
    whether you feel like a sweet or a salty treat, always appreciated with all the pleasure.

  • Delicatessen

    Line of gourmet products ready to be consumed.

  • Vegetables

    Our line of frozen and canned vegetables includes olives, peas,
    corn, beans and mix vegetables.

    All the vegetables needed for a healthy diet.

  • Ready Meals

    We have available a full range of ready meals, directed to the final consumer market.

    Soups, vegetables, fish, meats, etc.

    No defrosting, simply remove the product from the box and put in the microwave.

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