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Formaggio Bajta

Piemonte Cheese

Cheese is a particular expression of the complex development of civilization in the Alps.

A highly relevant consideration even at that small world which are Ossola valleys, curiously open to large trades of important and ancient roads and repaired at the same time safeguarding archaic customs.

Excellent cheese with black rye bread, alone or with savory biscuits.


Delivery: 2 to 6 weeks


Delivers all over the world by truck, air and sea. In LCL or full container.


Shelf Life / Products Validity: We always deliver with the maximum validity.

Italian Cheese from Piemonte

Source: Piemonte
Type of milk: Cow

Organoleptic characteristics

Aspect and texture: straw-yellow paste, soft, supple on the palate
Taste: Sweet with marked milk aftertaste, recalls the freshness of spring pastures.

Serving suggestions: Merged into cast iron pan on wood fire best expressed its characteristics with black rye bread. Excellent alone with savory biscuits. Try with Linden honey, boiled chestnuts or products of the underbrush.

Technical characteristics

Milk: Whole cow milk, pasteurized.
Production method: Artisanal
Paste: Natural straw color looks compact but very soft.
Salting: In brine
Ripening: Minimum 60 days
Production period: All over the year
Fats: 45% Mgss
Weight: 5 kg
Dimensions: D. 30 cm, h. 5 cm
Producers: farmers form Ossola Valleys


Data sheet

Shelf Life:
60 Days
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