Italian Cheese Formaggio Pasta Rotta ai tre latti
  • Italian Cheese Formaggio Pasta Rotta ai tre latti

Formaggio Pasta Rotta ai tre latti

Piemonte Cheese

Cheese produced in the Cuneo area in the heart of Piedmont.

The production technique of the broken pasta (pasta rotta) is used, after the curd has broken, the mass obtained is pressed, then broken and finally salted, and then pressed one last time.

The particularity is due to the use of the three milks (vaccine, sheep, and caprine) that combine to give a particularly strong taste to the cheese.


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Italian Cheese from Piemonte

Source: Piemonte
Type of milk: Goat, Sheep and Cow

Organoleptic characteristics

Aspect and texture: Circular shape, rounded side
Taste: strong flavour

Serving suggestions: Fruity white wines, light beers. Orange jam, pumpkin jam and ginger. Fresh fruit, bread with walnuts or grapes.

Technical characteristics

Milk: Cow, Sheep and Goat
Production method: artisan
Paste: crumbly dough, crust rich in noble molds
Salting: dry
Ripening: minimum 60 days
Production period: in particular during the winter period, depending on the availability of the various milks.
Weight: about kg 6.5
Dimensions: l 22 cm, h 14 cm
Producers: cheesemakers from the province of Cuneo


Data sheet

Shelf Life:
90 Days
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