Italian Cheese Furmaggetta fresca (tre latti)
  • Italian Cheese Furmaggetta fresca (tre latti)

Furmaggetta fresca (tre latti)

Piemonte Cheese

It is a small soft cheese produced in dairies of the Langhe, characterized by short maturation and the flowering of the crust, the cheese with edible as derived by the action of yeasts: its peculiarity is to use cow’s milk, sheep’s and goat together (three milks).

In particular the production of milk mixture is typical of the spring and summer months when the goats and the sheep enter the period of milk production.


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Italian Cheese from Piemonte

Source: Piemonte
Type of milk: Cow, Goat and Sheep

Organoleptic characteristics

Aspect and texture: white paste, soft, bloomy rind with pale yellow-gray.
Taste: with slight hints of sheep and goat, slightly acidic.

Serving suggestions: Fruity white wines and lagers beers. Orange jam, jam pumpkin and ginger. Fresh fruit, nut bread or grapes.

Technical characteristics

Milk: cow-sheep-goat, whole
Production method: artisanal
Paste: raw, un-pressed
Salting: dry
Ripening: minimum 15 days
Production period: throughout the year, with the highest concentrations in the spring and summer months
Fats: MGSS 43%
Weight: about 0,350 kg
Dimensions: diameter cm 10, height cm 5
Producers: farmers from central Piedmont


Data sheet

Shelf Life:
45 Days
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