Tea capsules - linden
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Tea capsules - linden

Linden tea

One delicious tea with all the flavor and aroma of the linden inside a small capsule always ready at your disposal.

The capsules are compatible with the majority of machines available at the market.

Easy tea at home inside a small tea pad

Box with 10 compatible capsules

Net Weight: 25grs (10x2.5grs)

Linden tea at home

The benefits of drinking linden tea include boosting the immune system, preventing chronic disease, relaxing the body and mind, soothing inflammation, lowering cancer risk, detoxifying the body and improving digestive efficiency, protecting heart health and relieving painful periods.

Linden tea is derived from the leaves of the linden tree, also commonly known as the lime tree, scientifically known as Tilia cordata. This herbal remedy has been popular and trusted for centuries, and remains a go-to treatment for a number of basic health conditions like:

  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Inflammatory Conditions
  • Menstruation
  • Immune System
  • Digestion
  • Heart Health
  • Cancer - antioxidants like quercetin and coumarin, which are found in significant levels in linden tea, are able to directly neutralize free radicals, which are the natural byproducts of cellular metabolism.
    These free radicals cause inflammation and oxidative stress, as well as cellular mutation and apoptosis. The antioxidants in linden tea are specifically known to counter cancerous cell growth and will inhibit cell death.

At the comfort of your house enjoy our teas.

We have available a fine selection for all tea lovers, from the red fruits to the lemon balm and linden tea.

Just select the tea you love and enjoy.

Tea pods

Tea without waste, single-serve tea container is a method for tea that prepares only enough tea for a single portion and simplify the process by eliminating the need to measure out portions, flavorings, and additives from large bulk containers.

Keep the unused product fresher by individually packaging portions separately without exposing the entire supply batch to air and light.


Open the box and get one tea pod.
Put the tea pod in the coffee/tea machine.
Get your fresh and delicious tea.
Put the tea pod in the recycling container.
Enjoy your fresh tea alone or with friends.

Your real tea at any time.


Data sheet

Shelf Life:
24 Months
10 boxes pack
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