Sliced Iberian Black Pork Loin with 100grs
  • Sliced Iberian Black Pork Loin with 100grs

Sliced Iberian Black Pork Loin

Sliced Portuguese Sausage

Delicious prime Iberian black pork loin.

The premium Iberian Black Pork loin sliced for ready consumption, it’s the best part of the pork used to produce one special Iberian smoked sausage.

It’s fantastic to make some “tapas”, tidbits and to make delicious sandwiches.

Loin for real connoisseurs!

Ingredients for red loin: Iberian Black Pork tenderloin, garlic paste and salt, pepper paste (salt and pepper), refined salt, pepper and water.

Filled with natural pig gut. Cured in the traditional Iberian method of smoked chamber with holm oaks wood.

Packing: Vacuum Conditioned.
Weight Approx.: 100gr.

Store in a dry and cool place.

Remove from the packaging 30 min before consuming.

Ready to be consumed - once opened store in a refrigerator.


In a modern and contemporary unit, respecting the highest hygienic and sanitary requirements, old wisdom and methods are preserved, evoking the memory of the traditional Alentejo smoked products.


The quality of our products is imposed by experienced hands in the meat laboring, using ancestral know-how and giving the time necessary for the flavors and aromas to develop.


Preparation and Meats CuttingPreparation and Meats Cutting

In order to obtain the best products and the complete use of the pork meat, the manufacturing process starts with an appropriate selection of the pork meat for each type of product.

Clean and cut the pieces of pork meat, removing fats, nerves and bones.


After the Cut, savvy and skill hands season the meat with chili, garlic, salt, wine and spices.

Then the seasoned pork meat rests to acquire the taste provided by the condiments.


Then it’s the filling phase in which the pork meat is introduced into natural pork casings, gaining the covering that will allow it to pass through the different stages of healing.

The sausages are hung and will remain there until they are ready.

Smoked CureSmoked Cure

The curing is carried out slowly in the air and the smoke of holm oaks wood, being prolonged to provide high-quality sausages: succulent, intense aroma and little saltiness.

Packing and ShippingPacking and Shipping

When the products acquire the desired flavor, aroma and consistency, they are prepared and packaged to follow to the most demanding consumer.

We take care of the image and innovate in the presentation of our products: we want the consumer to easily identify our products and that our packaging is useful in preserving the freshness and taking the necessary quantity and presentation.

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