Organic Italian Vino Santo Raisin Wine in bottle
  • Organic Italian Vino Santo Raisin Wine in bottle

Italian Vino Santo Raisin Wine

Nosiola grapes, dried for over 6 months on special racks called “arèle”, are pressed during Holy Week.

After a long period of slow fermentation, the result is a wine with great smoothness, the right balance of sugar content and alcohol, with rich fragrances and aromas that make it unique: Vino Santo Trentino DOC.

ABV: 12.5%

Grape varieties: 100% Nosiola
Maturation: 6-8 years in steel tanks and wood barrels
Maturation in bottle: At least 1 year until some decennia
Color: Deep amber colored with gold reflections
Aroma: Deep, persistent, remembering exotic fruit
Taste: Soft, round, very harmonious, intensely structured for the grapes sugar gathered during the drying up period

Available in bottle with 0.375 Lt. and 0.50 Lt.


Delivery: 2 to 6 weeks


Delivers all over the world by truck, air and sea. In LCL or full container.


Shelf Life / Products Validity: We always deliver with the maximum validity.


Wines obtained from grapes produced according to the "Biological and Biodynamic Cultivation"


Production of “Vino Santo” is strictly connected with the Mediterranean climate of Valle dei Laghi and the best areas are where Azienda Agricola is situated – near Toblino’s Lake.

This “passito” (raisin wine) particular for its softness and sugar contents is produced only with the typical VITIGNO of this area: Nosiola grapes.

The ripe grapes are left to dry on racks for 6-7 months from October until Easter.

During the Holy Week – from this the name “Vino Santo” Holy Wine – the grapes are pressed giving a particular sweet and thick must.

At the winery in Pergolese, Italy, Trentino winemakers, special care and attention are given to the production of Vino Santo Trentino DOC, a Slow Food Presidium.

This fine raisin wine is made from selected Nosiola grapes, the native grape variety of the Valle dei Laghi, which has found the ideal habitat in this corner of Trentino.

The wines of our winery in Pergolese, Italy, that deserve special attention are refined and fruity white wines such as Nosiola, the only native white grape variety of Trentino, Chardonnay and Moscato.

Obtained from grapes grown according to the organic and biodynamic farming method, white wines are ideal as an aperitif in the garden, at party time or with your gourmet meals.


In The Valle Dei Laghi: The place where himan activity, vines, climate and the local territory come together.

We like to call it a meeting place: the area where we carry out our daily activities in the Valle dei Laghi that give rise to excellent wines of great prestige.

The climate of the Valle dei Laghi, mild and gentle thanks to the Ora wind of Lake Garda, the abundance of water in the local territory, the application of environmentally-friendly biodynamic farming methods and the promotion of native grape varieties such as Nosiola give rise to real masterpieces, including Vino Santo Trentino.

The Vineyard


A fusion of tradition, history and passion.

In the Valle dei Laghi, a few kilometres from Trento, you will be fascinated by the striking light and colors: the typical vineyards of Trentino, crystal clear, deep blue lakes and the Marocche di Dro, huge stones that dominate the Valle del Sarca like obelisks.

On the estate of Azienda Agricola, vineyards owned by the family are grown and give rise to wines laden with rich aromas.


We believe that nothing is accomplished by force, challenging the vital forces of nature. This is why on our estates in the Valle dei Laghi we have always applied the principles of biodynamics, which involve respecting the lunar calendar and using organic substances such as compost.

As we were among the first to introduce integrated organic production methods to the vineyards of Trentino, we are committed to protecting the environment, thanks to methods that do not require chemical products and to the use of ancient cultivation techniques such as the horse-drawn plough.

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