White wine bottle Nelio Nuragus di Cagliari DOC
  • White wine bottle Nelio Nuragus di Cagliari DOC

Nelio - Nuragus di Cagliari DOC

Wines from the Sardinia

“Fresh, Mediterranean, thought free”

White wine with one color straw elegant with intense green tones.

With intense fragrance of yellow fruits and with delicate scents of white flowers.

In the mouth it’s a white wine full and robust, with a fresh acidity.

Enjoy this white wine as an aperitif, it matches well with fish stew, grilled fish, light starters and simple first courses.

We recommend that you enjoy it at one temperature between 10 to 12 °C.


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Italian White Wine from Sardinia

Sardinia is one of the wine growing regions on the rise and has been producing wines with a lot of personality and robustness.

As the second largest island in the Mediterranean, just behind Sicily, has already been invaded and commanded by various kingdoms and empires to the very beginning of history, and therefore has great culinary diversity, linguistic, architectural and, of course, wine.

The winegrowers in the region are very committed to creating wines of exceptional quality that are gaining international recognition day after day. Sardinia is today one of the great promises of the wine world.

Alcohol content: 12.50% Vol
100% Nuragus
straw elegant with intense green tones
intense fragrance of yellow fruits with delicate scents of white flowers
full and robust, with a fresh acidity
excellent as an aperitif, it matches well with fish stew, grilled fish, light starters and simple first courses
Serving Temperature:
10-12 °C

The grapes Nuragus

Wine Grapes NuragusNuragus is a white grape variety used in Sardinia to produce Nuragus di Cagliari, one of several varietal DOC wines produced around the island's capital, Cagliari. As is the case for much Sardinian wine, most of this is consumed locally, so it is rarely seen in export markets.

The name Nuragus itself is that of a small town in the hills between Cagliari and the fishing town of Oristano (where the specialty is Vernaccia di Oristano). Nuragus is almost unknown and unplanted outside the hills and plains of southern Sardinia, but even in an area as small as this, there is room for synonyms to develop; Nuragus also goes by the names Abbondosa and Axina.

An ancient vine, Nuragus is thought to have been brought to Sardinia by the Phoenicians in the 12th Century BC. The vine is high yielding and produces light-bodied wines with marked acidity.

Food matches for Nuragus include:

  • Linguine alla vongole (clam pasta)
  • Nigiri sushi with salmon
  • Green salad with smoked chicken


450 hectares of vineyards in the center of the Mediterranean, in the best lands of southern Sardinia.

The Winery


We have a history that tells our passion for people and our vocation to make wine for people.

In our wines there is the taste of a unique personality and an unmistakable scent of memory.
There is the flavor of every day and the gentleness of a lovely thought, in which every person can recognize and find your own style.

For 90 years, our company has seen so many people in the winery: the young, the elderly, the family, the passionate and the connoisseur. In these 90 years we have come to know and recognize our clients and their choices.

For a life we were the cellar of all, wine people, a winery, the first of Sardinia, among the first in Italy, witness of the evolution of the people. Today, we give new impetus to the heritage of closeness to the people, impetus of wine culture for the people and the desire to bring our products closer to consumers.

We have 450 hectares of vineyards in the best areas of Sardinia that produce excellent grapes, a variety of internal skills on the production side and a clear strategic vision.

We know what people seek when they buy a wine and we want to offer him, in addition to a great product, also an experience of taste and image, bringing to market quality wines and modern conception in taste, studied and presented in a new packaging, which carries a style to identify with. In our bottles, the characteristics of the product label, there is now no longer just a white, a red, a sparkling wine or a sweet wine, but there is a way of life: yours or the one you want for yourself.

The Vines


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