Italian sparkling white wine Millesimato Brut Nature TRENTODOC Spumante
  • Italian sparkling white wine Millesimato Brut Nature TRENTODOC Spumante

Millesimato Brut Nature TRENTODOC

Spumante Brut Nature

A wine with a brilliant straw-yellow colour and a fine and persistent perlage.

The nose is pleasant offering hints of fruit that blend perfectly with the more complex notes derived from the long ageing of the wine on its lees.

The palate is direct, with no compromises: a generous, pervasive and natural taste, as no sugar is added during the disgorgement phase.


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Spumante Brut Nature TRENTODOC

Location of vineyards: 150 to 400 m a.s.l.
Soil: mainly chalky
Training method: simple Trentino pergola and guyot
Grape varieties: Chardonnay
Aging on lees: 33 months
Dosage: Brut Nature
Sugar residue: < 0,3 g/l
Bottles: 0.75 lt

By hand collecting Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes, cultivated partially in the bottom of the valley and partially on the terraced hillsides of the Valle dei Laghi, we obtain the BASE WINE, to which, in the spring following the harvest, we add sugar and yeast, before bottling it (tirage).

Rest inside the bottle and the work of the yeast are the cause of the second fermentation.

This is why TRENTODOC is also defined as a "wine that is re-fermented in the bottle".

Bottles in the Cellar


The PRISE DE MOUSSE is the process through which carbon dioxide is developed, which can be seen in the glass by its classic perlage. It is the result of re-fermentation and rest in the bottle, which takes place in our cool cellar carved out of the rock.

The cellar is a tunnel obtained from an old air raid shelter built in the mountainside during the Second World War.

It is entirely unique, as it guarantees a naturally constant temperature of 12 °C all year round.

The maturing period for TRENTODOC varies from a minimum of 24 months, to an average of 3 years, to 80-90 months for the RISERVA, which are fundamental in reaching significant sensory complexity.

Bottles Remuage


This is another phase in the “Metodo Classico” spumante-making process.

TRENTODOC bottles are set out on special wooden stands, also called pupitres, which help to correctly perform the daily remuage: bottles are carefully turned and shaken for 22-24 days, so that the yeast will collect in the neck, just beneath the temporary crown cap.

In order to facilitate the gradual rotation, each bottle is marked on the bottom with a white pain mark, which can even be seen on the finished product: a mark that uniquely distinguishes each bottle of TRENTODOC.

The wine Cellar


Also referred to as dégorgement, this operation makes it possible to remove the yeast deposit which, as a result of the remuage phase, has formed in the neck of the bottle, allowing us to obtain a clear finished product.

Each bottle, after the neck is frozen - allowing us to block the yeast deposit in place - is opened. Thanks to the internal pressure developed during re-fermentation, this allows the deposit itself to be expelled from the bottle.

At this point, before being closed with a cork and safety cage, the bottles are topped up with fine wine and a few drops of the precious and secret liqueur d'expédition - the finishing touches to the personality of each TRENTODOC.

Barrels in the wine cellar


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