Sparkling wine Prosecco Frizzante DOC No Added Sulfites
  • Sparkling wine Prosecco Frizzante DOC No Added Sulfites

Prosecco Frizzante DOC No Added Sulfites

It is the most original and traditional version of the Prosecco. Vinification is carried out without added sulphites and it becomes “frizzante”, slightly sparkling, for natural fermentation and it is “col fondo”, on the lees, with the deposit represented by the natural yeasts of the wine that give a fragrant bread crust aroma.

When it is served it can be decanted to separate the “fondo”, which means the deposit, and appreciate its clearness or it can be served with the “fondo” to appreciate more its aroma.

Wine with creamy foam, light straw yellow color

In the nose is intense with bread crust aroma.

In the palate offers harmonious taste, fresh, dry and with a medium body.

It’s ideal as an aperitif, throughout the meal and in any occasion that requires a toast.


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Veneto Wine

Prosecco frizzante DOC with natural second fermentation in the bottle.

GRAPES: 100% Glera.


Pra’ Longo estate in Monastier di Treviso. The proximity to the Adriatic Sea brings a marine influence and the proximity of the Dolomites Mountains thanks to fresh summer winds contributes to create a magical microclimate for these grapes.

SOIL: alluvial, called "caranto", composed of white clay and dolomite rock sediments.
CLIMATE: mild. There are wide changes of temperature between day and night ideal for the preservation of the aroma and the acidity of the grapes.
DENSITY OF THE PLANTATION AND TRAINING SYSTEM: 4.000 vines per hectare trained with "guyot" system.


To obtain a perfect ripening of the grapes, beyond the normal vineyard management, we carry out summer pruning.

Furthermore, the yield is kept very low in order to produce grapes rich in body and aroma.

HARVEST: middle of September, by hands in small cases. The grapes are immediately brought and crushed in Fossalta di Piave.


Destemming and crashing of the grapes, cold skin contact, soft pressing, cool static clarification and fermentation at a controlled temperature.

Then the wine matures for several months on its noble lees. The lees are frequently mixed (battonage) in order to increase the thickness and the smoothness of the wine.

SECOND FERMENTATION: the wine becomes sparkling due to the natural fermentation in bottle and the lees, represented by the yeasts, are kept in the bottle in order to enrich organoleptically the wine. No added sulfites.

ALCOHOL CONTENT: 11% by vol.

TASTING CHARACTERISTICS: creamy foam, light straw yellow color, intense bread crust aroma, harmonious taste, fresh, dry and with a medium body.


FOOD MATCHING: ideal as an aperitif, throughout the meal and in any occasion that requires a toast.

STORAGE: in a cool and dark place; it gives its best characteristics when it is served still young.


Vineyard in Pra' Longo Estate

Pra' Longo Estate

The Pra’ Longo estate in Monastier di Treviso is located at 2 km from the Le Ronche estate in Fossalta di Piave.

“Pra’ Longo” represents a particular area of the village Monastier, which takes the name from the important monastery which was there in the past times.

It is in the Piave D.O.C. wines area. Piave is the name of an important river which goes through most of the eastern part of Veneto. During millennium it has left its sediments and originated this soil, particularly vocated to vine growing.

This estate is located at about 40 km from the mountains, at 10 km from the sea and a few hundred meters from the river Piave.

This special location originates particular winds, wide changes of temperature from day to night and a microclimate ideal for obtaining wines with a high tasting profile.

The soil is very rich in clay, which gives a perfect balance to the vines and produces complex and important wines.

In the sixties the family selected the site where wines with a high personality and with a deep territorial identity could be produced and the traditional varieties of this area have been planted.

The Cellar in Veneto region in Italy


In the vineyards we work under organic and biodynamic principles. We abolished the use of pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers and insecticides.

We try to create an environment as friendly as possible for the proliferation of good insects, wild animals and microorganisms in the soil, in order to improve the life in the vineyard.

We prepare our own natural fertilizing compost for enhancing soil life.


The whole vinification process is carried out without using sulfites or other preservatives. In a sulfite free environment, yeasts ferment more freely and produce a finer and extraordinary aroma. An extremely small amount of sulfites is added before bottling for the maximum genuineness and enjoyment of the consumers.


In our wines we do not use any animal derived product, maintaining its purity and naturalness at the highest. Treating and manipulating the grapes and the wine the less we can, guarantee genuineness, fragrance and identity.


On the roof of the production winery we have 418 solar panels that provide 100% of the electric power we need in the cellar. Green energy for a better environment around us.

solar panels in the cellar


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