Italian red wine Soffio Sulle Isole - Ciliegiolo made in Vulcano, with 75cl
  • Italian red wine Soffio Sulle Isole - Ciliegiolo made in Vulcano, with 75cl

Soffio Sulle Isole - Ciliegiolo (made in Vulcano)

Red wine made in the “Vulcano” volcano in Sicily - Italy.

The wine is ruby red with violet reflections.

Fruity with notes of cherry and raspberry with a good structure.

Very good for pairing with red meats, in particular grilled game and roasts with strong flavor.


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Wine from Sicily


GRAPE: Ciliegiolo


The grape harvest takes place in the first week of September.

After a careful selection, the grapes are hand-picked, placed in crates and immediately transported to the cellar to be processed.


The grapes are de-stemmed and crushed. Then transferred to Vinification tanks where they stay cold for 24 hours, “cold maceration”, in order to extract the aromatic part.

The alcoholic fermentation begins and it is completed after several days of maceration.

The wine obtained is left in wooden barrels to mature barrels to mature.



Vineyard - Vigneto Vulcano - Isole Eolie

In 2010 the company decided to start a vineyard in the Island of Vulcano.

Vulcano is one of the seven islands that make up the archipelago of Eolie in Sicily.

The island has always been known since ancient times for its intense volcanic activity. Little inhabited and endowed with two opposite inlets, one open to the west and one to the east, the island often provided refuge for the pirates of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

A few decades before the last major eruption of 1888-90, when the crater ceased to be active, few farmers lived on the Piano, a very fertile area of the island where some areas are still cultivated by local farmers and where we decided to give birth to our company.

The vineyard has been planted on a very fertile area in the area of the "Piano" a real plain at an altitude of 420 meters above sea level.

The company choice was to plant a vine that is not native to the Sicilian territory; it is a variety of Sangiovese exactly the CILIEGIOLO.

The territory "o Chianu" is fertile, full of iron and minerals; it’s very fine black sand is a characteristic that has helped to give birth to a red wine that has received considerable appreciation among the experts.

Our first production in 2012 led to the creation of a label that takes its name from the same company "Soffio sulle Isole" reproduces a work by the wine master.

Our wine with its intense red color summarizes all the characteristics of a volcanic wine, excellent for all types of dishes; it is able to be exalted when served in particular with spicy meats. Aroma and taste unmistakably linked to the territory that allowed its birth.

We are really happy with what we have achieved and produced on the island, with all the difficulties that can be found in a territory that can only be reached by ship, but we must say that it was worth it.


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