Jake Mate 700cc HERBS LIQUEUR kind of jagermeister
  • Jake Mate 700cc HERBS LIQUEUR kind of jagermeister

Jake Mate 700cc


A unique flavor.

Genuine, spicy, adventurous: enjoy your night with Jake Mate.


Delivery: 2 to 6 weeks


Delivers all over the world by truck, air and sea. In LCL or full container.


Shelf Life / Products Validity: We always deliver with the maximum validity.

ABV: 35%
Bottle: 700cc

This is a typical drink from Germany. Is composed of 56 herbs, fruits and roots that make it a unique, exotic and versatile drink.

Being able to be consumed pure well frozen, accompanying your beer or another drink of your preference. Jake Mate is also used in various cocktails.


Put the Jake Mate bottle in the freezer. It will not freeze because of its alcohol content. Keep it in the freezer until time to serve Jake Mate.

Can also be consumed at room temperature, it's great and natural.

Keeping it at room temperature and cool it before serving will not damage the drink.

Try different methods and temperatures to determine the best way to taste Jake Mate.

A shot glass of Jake Mate dropped into a glass of Red Bull energy drink makes a cocktail called a Jakematebomb.

A Surfer on Acid is made with equal parts of Jake Mate, Rum, and pineapple juice.

Quality certificates:

New Degree of Excellence in the BRC Food Quality Certificate.
Thanks to the continuous improvement in the quality and food safety of our products, the company obtains a higher degree in the recognized certificate in Food Quality BRC.

New Degree of Excellence in the IFS Food Quality Certificate.
Thanks to our commitment to the specifications of our customers, to the continuous improvement of the processes that we develop for our products and in our facilities, the company obtains the recognized certificate in Food Quality IFS Food.


The bottling plant has a production capacity of 6,500 bottles per hour.

We have the prestigious world food quality certificates IFS and BRC, which guarantees the reliability and quality of our products, thus offering our customers the ability to develop their own brands.

We deliver worldwide with our brand or with customer brand. For more information about delivers with your brand just contact us.

We have our own R & D Department, in which we develop new products unique in the market.

The most authentic and characteristic liqueurs, with the same quality of yesteryear, now backed by the baggage of an experience acquired over more than half a century. We are proud of our history and our work, whose best reflection is our wide range of products.

The perfect fusion of tradition and innovation.


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