Portuguese Vinho Verde or Green Wine bottle
  • Portuguese Vinho Verde or Green Wine bottle

Vinho Verde Encosta do Xisto – White Wine

Portuguese Vinho Verde.

The all times beloved Portuguese Vinho Verde (Green Wine), elaborated from the varieties Loureiro, Trajadura and Arinto grapes famous in the region for the elaborations of wines fresh and lively.

It's a white wine dry, fruity enhancing green apples and peach with smooth intensity.

Long and persistent. Moderated acidity that gives freshness.

Consumption temperature recommended: 8/10 °C.

This wine is suitable for pairing with vegetarian meals. White wine certified by The Vegan Society.

ABV: 12% Vol.

White Wine Vinho Verde

Classification: D.O.C. Vinho Verde
Type: Vinho Verde / White
Brand name: Encosta do Xisto - Branco

Acidity: 7,0 g/dm3
pH: 3,25
Sugar: <1,5 g/dm3
ABV: 12% Vol.


Varieties: 40% Loureiro, 30% Trajadura and 30% Arinto
Region: North of Portugal Vinho Verde Region
Soil type: Granite derived
Climate: Mediterranean with Atlantic influence


Month: September of 2015
Type: Hand picking


Fermentation: Stainless steel.
Maturation: In stainless steel vessels at 8°C.

Colour: Citrus with greenish reflexes.
Nose: White flowers Floral and fruity enhancing green apples and peach.
Palate: Dry, fruity enhancing green apples and peach with smooth intensity. Long and persistent. Moderated acidity that gives freshness.

Consumption temperature recommended: 8/10 °C

Everyday white wine Vinho Verde

The white Vinho Verde wine “Encosta do Xisto” that is to be consumed daily with your meals. It is a wine that has no pretensions getting older in a wine cellar, is a wine to be drunk now.

What does it mean Xisto? Xisto is shale a fine-grained, clastic sedimentary rock composed of mud that is a mix of flakes of clay minerals and tiny fragments (silt-sized particles) of other minerals, especially quartz and calcite. Shale is one of the most abundant stones in our region, so we decided to baptize our wine in honor of this magnificent stone so abundant in our vineyards.

The vineyard

In the properties, with about 24 hectares of vineyards, you can find the best grape varieties of the region, giving rise to white wines (Loureiro, Alvarinho, Trajadura and Pedernã), much respected in the region.

The harvest is carried out manually, with the separation of grape varieties, to allow a separated vinification, for later the lots being made in accordance with the characteristics of the wines produced.

In our estate, in the north of Portugal, you can find the cellar where all our Vinho Verde is made, with the most recent processes, using exclusively grapes from our own vineyards.

Vinho Verde Vineyard


Silver Medal in Wine Master Challenge 2011 in Estoril - Portugal

The Vinho Verde

Logo Vinho VerdeVinho Verde is unique in the world.

Its vibrant freshness, elegance, lightness and aromatic and flavorful expressions, especially its fruity and floral notes, are the characteristics that define and differentiate Vinho Verde.

Exclusively produced in the demarcated region of Vinho Verde in northwestern Portugal, it is only produced from the indigenous grape varieties of the region, preserving its typicity of aromas and flavors as unique in the world of wine.

White Vinho Verde wines are citrus or straw-colored with rich, fruity and floral aromas, depending on the grapes that are used. They have a balanced palate, and are intense and very refreshing.

The Vinho Verde grapes

Grapes LoureiroLoureiro

Grape variety grown in almost every region and best suited to coastal areas.

Ancient and of high-quality, produces wines of citrus color, a fine, elegant aroma, ranging from fruity citrus (lemon) to floral (freesia and rose) and molasses (bouquet), with a fruity flavor with slight acidity, fresh, harmonious, full-bodied and persistent.

Grapes TrajaduraTrajadura

Grape grown throughout the region of the Vinho Verde.

Grape with good quality, produces wines of intense golden straw color.

Wines with an intense aroma of mature fruit tree (apple, pear and peach), and macerated, soft, warm, round mouthfeel, and with a tendency, under certain conditions, towards low acidity.

Grapes ArintoArinto

Grape grown throughout the region.

Known as Arinto de Bucelas, it reaches its highest level of quality in inland areas of the region.

The wines are citrus and straw-colored, and feature a rich aroma of fruity citrus, pome fruit (ripe pear and apple) and flowers (lantana).

The taste is fresh, harmonious and persistent.

This wine Vinho Verde is suitable for pairing with vegetarian meals. The wine is certified by The Vegan Society.


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