White wine bottle Herdade dos Templarios
  • White wine bottle Herdade dos Templarios

White Wine Herdade dos Templarios

White wine from the region of Tejo in Portugal.

It’s a premium white wine made from the grapes varieties Arinto, Moscatel and Riesling.

With a floral aroma with notes of tropical fruit and citrus.

In the mouth is elegant and very fresh. With persistent mouths end with a slight touch of honey.

ABV: 13% vol.

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Tejo Wine

Appellation: DOC do Tejo
Origin: Tomar, Portugal

Grape varieties: Arinto 50%, Moscatel 30% and Riesling - 20%


Selective and manual Harvest in 20 kg boxes. Harvesting takes place during the month of September.

The grapes are destemmed and pressed through the pneumatic press; the wort is fermented at controlled temperature between 12-14 ° C in stainless steel vats for 20 days in order to preserve the freshness and aromatic potential of the wine.

Tasting Notes

Tropical fruits aroma with notes of tangerine, orange blossom and basil.

Fresh, creamy and balanced in the mouth, its structure and minerality complement the sensations of honey and citrus.


ABV: 13% vol.
pH 3.32
Total acidity: 5.26 g/l

16 /20pts “Paixao pelo Vinho” wine magazine

Review 2015
Portuguese Wine Magazine 7/2015 - 14.5pts
Floral notes of orange and Moscatel, with Arinto and Riesling to provide the vegetable side, with lemon leaves. In the mouth is more restrained, median concentration, some bitter and sober end.

Enjoy it with fish and seafood.


Silver Concurso de Vinhos do Tejo 2018
85pts Wine Enthusiast

The Grapes:

Grapes MoscatelMoscatel

This variety is known to have originated in Egypt, having spread to the Mediterranean from Alexandria, possibly during the period of the Roman Empire (Galet 1985).

It is a grape of average strength and has a difficult flowering and fertilization, prone to not fruiting after flowering. Resistant to dryness, it's sensitive to mildew and powdery mildew.

There are various types of Moscatel in the world (ex. the French Muscat, the Italian Moscato), and all of them with a significant concentration of aromatic (terpene) and flavor components.

However, it's the Portuguese Moscatel that has the best concentration and richness of these components.

The typical aromas of Moscatel are well-known: citrus flowers and zest, honey, lime, rose, lychee, pear, date and raisin, which create memorable wines.

Grapes ArintoArinto

Grown throughout Portugal, this grape produces vibrant wines with flavors of orchard fruits and citrus, and are best enjoyed young.

In warmer regions like Tejo, the grape retains its high natural acidity and can work well as a single-varietal wine or in a blend.

Grapes RieslingRiesling

Riesling is a light-skinned, aromatic grape of German origin which is – if the majority of top wine critics are to be believed – the world's finest white-wine grape variety.

Riesling is used to make crisp, refreshing wines with pronounced acidity.

In the Tejo region the Riesling style in its own right, with crisp, citrus-scented acidity and aromas of toast and honeysuckle.

A grape variety well adapted to the Tejo region, which produces a fantastic blend with Arinto and Moscatel grapes.

The Vineyards

In the VineyardThe vineyards are planted in deep soil of schist origin and clay-limestone, dry on the surface and rich in water the transition to the underground.

Equipped with drop-by-drop irrigation, to control the level of water stress, the vineyards have driven systems that guarantee sun exposure and aeration necessary for more balanced maturation and high quality grapes based on a selection of the best regional, national and International grapes varieties.

Red varieties: Touriga Nacional, Aragonez, Castelão, Alicante Bouschet, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon e Merlot.

White varieties: Arinto, Fernão Pires, Moscatel Galego Branco, Moscatel Roxo, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling e Gewürztraminer.

TemplarsWines from the Tejo region

Family-owned estate winery with 30 hectares. Dedicated to producing wines of exemplary quality, enhanced by a regional character.

Our story starts with a passion for wine and the Templars history when, back in 1989, we discover old vineyards left to natural succession near Tomar, a city located in the center of Portugal and founded by the Knights Templar.

Nourished by a sunny, warm and dry climate, relative cool nights, with limestone-clay and schistose soils, this fertile agriculture region has excellent natural conditions for grape growing.

Inspired by the multi-centenary Templar’s art of winemaking in this region, we embraced our new ambition by building a state-of-the-art winery and gradually restructured the vineyards to achieve a balance of young/old vines, all under the supervision of an experienced technical team.

Reaching top 3 in one of the largest international wine competition strengthened our focus on making world-class wines at affordable prices. Our dedication to quality is consistently recognized by several Gold and Silver medals in rigorous wine competitions and 85+ ratings (Very Good) in renowned international publications.


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